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Due Oct. 17!!
Christmas Backpacks

Bring backpacks filled with supplies and tied with designated ribbons to the Admin Office before October 17 to be a part of this amazing opportunity to love!

Contact Amy Flory for more info or click the link below! 

Bring backpacks to:

2100 Park Plaza Dr. Springfield TN 37172

Bring before:

October 17th, 2022


"Give to the poor...a treasure in heaven that will never fail, where no thief comes near and no moth destroys." 
Luke 12:33-34

Let's Get Started! 

Contact if you want to participate! 

Pack a new zippered backpack with a children or teen's Bible, a Christmas story and various fun items! 

Tie with two ribbons and bring up to the Admin Office at 2100 Park Plaza Dr, Springfield TN 37172.

You will be given more info, possibly which age and gender child you are assigned. The church has also been mailed Christmas stories to insert in each backpack.


Blue = Boy

Pink = Girl


Purple = Ages 2-3   Yellow = Ages 4-7  Green = Ages 8-10

Red = Ages 11-14    White = 15-17

Example: Girl, age 6

1 pink ribbon, 1 yellow ribbon securely tied to the backpack

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