Easter is the biggest day of the year at Grace Baptist because that's the day we celebrate the Resurrection of Jesus! What better way to remember and celebrate this event than worshipping with your family and friends? Or, what better way to get involved with GBC for the very first time?

   We will host two services on Sunday, April 17th and both services will be exactly the same. Our first service (Son Rise Service) will be at 7:00 AM and the second will be at 9:00 AM. We encourage you to come early, stick around for our free Son Rise Breakfast, and then head to worship with loved ones at another church. If you would rather sleep in a little bit, then come to the Son Rise Breakfast at 8:15 AM and stay for our 9:00 AM service. Both the 7:00 AM and the 9:00 AM services will have childcare provided.

   If you have any questions about our Easter service plan, please call our Admin office at (615) 384-3393 or contact Bro. Caleb Lewis at clewis@gbcspringfield.org.