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In April we will have our inaugural awards ceremony for all the teachers of Grace Baptist Church! We love our teachers and all they do for GBC. We feel it is very important to show them how appreciated they are and then recognize them at this special time! Please make plans to attend the special ceremony on Sunday, April 7 , 5:30 p.m. at the church.


On March 3 you will have the first opportunity to view the ballot and begin voting! We will take ballots until March 24. There will be a box at the Welcome Center and the Children’s Hall to drop off ballots.  We would like for everyone’s vote to be counted, so please follow the instructions.

You will be allowed one vote per category and your selection will be made by circling the teacher of your choice. And please only vote for the categories that apply to you or someone in your family. (i.e.- child’s Sunday School Teacher). If the category does not apply to you or your family, you will simply skip or circle N/A.

You will notice that none of the staff will be listed to take your vote… It is not a mistake! Staff members are not eligible for Teacher of the Year.


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