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The Gospel Message

We would like to share a few truths with you that God wants you to know...

  • God love you. No matter what situation you're in, what your past life has been like, or what you're doing now- God loves you and cares about you.

  • Every single one of us has messed up. When we don't follow God's plan and his guidance for our lives, the Bible calls that "sin." Every person has sinned and messed up God's perfect plan for our lives.

  • Our sin has separated us from God. Because God is perfect, our sin separates us from God.

  • God didn't leave us alone. The good news is that even though we have sinned and turned away from God, God loves us so much that he wanted to do something to fix that problem. God sent his own son, Jesus, to earth.

  • need to know him! Jesus lived a perfect life and never sinned. He went to the cross and he voluntarily took the punishment for your sins. He was killed and buried, but three days later he rose up from the grave!

  • Give your life to Jesus. If you will trust Jesus with your life and follow him, he will forgive your sins and give you eternal life.


For more information please contact our offices at 615.384.3393 or Bro. Steve Freeman at

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